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About us

Italy in Sicily, two friends, who are Umberto and Bellini, decided to produce pasta. In 1960s, when production adventure has started at home with the flour that they bought from the ground, evolved over time and moved to the factory.

Umberto and Bellini, who started to sell their products locally in advance, expanded their markets by having positive feedbacks.

Over time, the friends developed product taste and variety according to market demands.

With the increase in production costs in Italy in 2010s, by keeping of production quality, they decided to move manufacturing facilities to Turkey to stay in the game of highly competitive market.

By the year 2015, 10s kinds of pasta and 10s kinds of sauces have been manufactured by Umberto Bellini for its customers.

By the year 2018, Umberto’s and Bellini’s sons took over management of the factory and developed new vision based on branding to grow.

The brand, which continue to manufacture pasta for old customers, has also focused on fulfilling new developed overseas demands by increasing production capacity with new partners.

Now, in one hand, Umberto Bellini developes overseas market by its own brand, in the other hand, goes on to manufacture pasta for 5 brands in OEM pack as well as bulk products for restaurants.